Porter Cufflink


Designer: Luke Anthony

The Porter Cufflinks are crafted from the finest solid sterling silver. They are made with a distinct ȐVȑ shape bar with reference to the Porter Brook River that runs through part of the city of Sheffield – the power source for industrial production of steel and cutlery. Each piece is individually hand filed, buffed with compound and polished bright for a clean, modern, refined finish.

Laser marked with Luke Anthony logo.

(Custom laser marking available upon request)

.925 Sterling Silver

W 15mm x L 20mm x H 4mm.

Shipping prices may vary on International Delivery, please contact info@madenorth.co.uk

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Luke Anthony Jewellery is a traditional metal smiths workshop based in Sheffield launched with intent to manufacture authentic, well-built men’s jewellery products and practical, everyday lifestyle accessories.

Inspired by the city’s hard graft caliber and industrial legacy I design original, high quality metal goods that are synonymous with Sheffield’s character and history. Through ambition and a bit of good old-fashioned workmanship to boot I consistently evolve bold new ideas with classic mastered designs – resolute in my exploration and development of an unrivalled aesthetic.

Heritage and tradition are the core values that keep me grounded and focused on a culture of craftsmanship ethics. Adopting clear-cut principles and with a modern open approach set in place I can build creative, durable relationships between client and craftsman.

Always committed to learning and looking for the new my objective remains the same: to design and fabricate honest, innovative products that establish my own style philosophy.