Fern Cuff

Fern Cuff


Designer: Annette Petch

“There is a living wall just outside my studio, which I can see through my windows. Sometimes dried out pieces of fern fall from this, and I collect them and sketch them, and they inspire new pieces of my jewellery.”


This collection is made using Argentium, a wholly recycled, ethically sourced silver.

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Annette Petch works in silver and gold to produce hand made jewellery and small objects such as bowls and boxes. Recently she has begun using a new kind of sterling silver called Argentium, which is made from recycled silver and does not tarnish. Most of the gold she uses is also recycled. Annette is based in Sheffield, UK.

Her designs are based on natural forms including leaves, flowers, buds, seed pods, and shells, and the secret spaces found within them. Annette likes to incorporate texture, and the sounds of pebbles on the beach, wind rustling through the leaves, or water running over stones.

Ethical Silver

Argentium silver is a high purity jewellery alloy that meets the hallmarking requirements for the UK standard. The alloy modifies the conventional sterling silver composition with the addition of germanium.