Ben Casey, Perception v Reality Limited Edition Print


Designer: Ben Casey
Perception v Reality Limited Edition Print
Northern Edition range

This MADE NORTH limited edition print in collaboration with Ben Casey, The Chase, is part of our Northern Editions print project that looks at the differences between the north and south of England. We ask leading northern designers to visually explore ’northern-ness’, this can be personal ideas, thoughts, recollections or responses to more stereotyped images or concepts.

At the heart of the project is a desire to explore graphically the thoughts and feelings of the north, both positive and negative. Is there a difference between the north and south of England, if so, what would it look like?

Limited Edition of 100

250gsm art paper

Yellow, Black


Perception v Reality

The poster suggests a sporting confrontation between two stereotypical views of Northern England, one positive and one negative.

The word GRIN represents the vision of happy friendly folk who will always give you the time of day. The word GRIM represents the vision of dour people who inhabit industrially scarred landscapes and suffer dull, grey weather. The two words are connected by a typographic twist implying that although like most stereotypes they have roots in the truth, they are not necessarily contradictory as both can live quite happily side by side.

Subtle references to a smile and a frown are also featured in the ‘North Arrow’ sign off.

Ben Casey, 2016


Co-founder & Director, The Chase

Ben set up The Chase in Manchester in 1986 to offer a credible, regional alternative to London’s brightest and best design consultancies. Since then, The Chase has opened offices in London and Preston and has earned an outstanding reputation for creative excellence.

Over the years Ben has been invited onto the boards and steering committees of some of the country’s most respected and influential design advisory panels. These include the British Design Council’s Design Skills Advisory Panel, the City of Manchester’s Creative Panel and the Chairmanship of the British Design & Art Director’s Club’s Education Group.

Ben has won numerous creative awards including The Grand Award for Creativity at The New York Festival of Advertising & Print and has also chaired and directed judging juries for all the major creative awards.