A3 Mid Century Floral Print


Designer: MaggieMagoo Designs

Mid century floral illustration giclee A3 print by MaggieMagoo Designs

Print, 350gsm Matte Board

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Maggie Magoo Designs, run by Leeds based designer Carole, create contemporary homewares which include tea towels, screen prints, digital prints, tote bags & notebooks. Originally from the North East Carole relocated to Leeds after studying surface pattern design and printed textiles at the Leeds College of Art & Design. She has worked in the greetings card industry for a number of years, but decided to launch Maggie Magoo Designs in 2015 in order to pursue her love of textile design & screen printing.

Carole is an avid collector of vintage fabrics & ceramics, and has a passion for mid century design which influences her work. She also spends time exploring the countryside around Yorkshire walking her terrier Maggie and many of her designs take inspiration from nature.

Her love of surface pattern, mark making and colour are evident in her bold, cheerful designs, creating bright and playful patterns, which run throughout her work. She uses pencils, paper and brushes to create initial sketches & doodles and then works into them further using a mac. These designs are then translated onto products or put onto screen & printed onto paper and fabric.

Everything is designed in West Yorkshire & produced in the UK. Maggie Magoo Designs feels that an important part of being a small business is to support UK manufacturing.