Megan Ocheduszko

The MADE NORTH Gallery presents new and experimental work by established and emerging northern designer/makers. We aim to promote a range of northern designer/makers and provide opportunities to find out a little bit more about how they work and their sources of inspiration.


We are very pleased to be able to show the work of Megan Ocheduszko at MADE NORTH Gallery.  Her work is both playful and luxurious, graduating from Manchester School of Art in 2014. We awarded her ‘Best Emerging Northern Maker’ at the Great Northern Craft Fair 2014.

“Touch. It is our most diverse sense. It is our most social, our most personal and irreplaceable. Through exploring touch, tactility and the way we hold everyday objects, particularly brushes, in our hands I aim to create playful, hand held, multisensory objects and wearables that stimulate our senses to create a relaxing sensory experience for the user. Creating objects that give the user a sense stimulating and relaxing experience is what motivates my work. I enjoy the playfulness of objects designed to be touched and handled.For many people, handling and playing with something in their hands supports their concentration when carrying out thoughtful tasks. My work encourages the user to appreciate the combination of their sense of touch and deep thought and concentration, and the relaxing benefits from stimulating our sense of touch: A sense which is often taken for granted.”






Featured Maker Interview

We caught up with Ben to try and get a greater understanding of how he works. Please read below Q+A.

Who or what inspired you to become a designer/maker?
I’ve always loved making, ever since I can remember. It was just a natural decision to pursue a creative career because I love making things so much.

How would you describe your work?
Contemporary jewellery focusing mainly on the tactility of the piece and how it can stimulate our sense of touch.

Where are you based? Please describe your studio.
I’m based between Manchester and Nottingham at the moment, working from a small shed at the bottom of the garden. It’s very modest but has pretty much everything I need at the moment.

What piece of work are you most pleased or proud of, and why?
I think the piece I’m most proud of is the sapele bangle. It is the piece I get the most positive reactions from and I love to see people’s facial reactions when they try it and can’t believe how nice it feels to put on.

What is the most satisfying part of the work you do?
Being able to do something I love is very rewarding.

What would be your dream project?
I would really like to make a range of tactile objects or wearables that can be used in an art therapy situation.

What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on a range using synthetic bristles and more precious metals. I am also tying to focus on more ‘everyday wear’ designs

We are creating a MADE NORTH designer playlist, what track would you include?
My friend always used to sing Touch by Daft Punk to me because it reminded her of my work so it would probably be that.

When you’re not working what do you like to do?
Mainly I like to spend time with my friends and family and hunting around hardware shops for unusual brushes and textures.

What does the north of England mean to you?
It’s somewhere I know I will always want to be. It’s given me many opportunities that I am very grateful for.