The MADE NORTH Gallery is based at Yorkshire Artspace in Sheffield. The Gallery actively encourages and promotes understanding of contemporary northern design and craft. The MADE NORTH Gallery presents new and experimental work by established and emerging northern designer/makers.

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Opening Times:
Monday, Thursday, Friday
12.00am to 6pm
11.00am to 4.00pm

MADE NORTH Design & Craft Gallery
Yorkshire Artspace
Persistence Works
21 Brown Street
S1 2BS

About the gallery

The need for a gallery that promotes the north and its designer/makers is essential in today’s culture. A sense of place and provenance is becoming increasingly important in a world fast losing regional individuality in the face of globalisation. Instead of each city or region looking the same we want to celebrate difference; instead of high volume and low costs using oversees manufacturing, we want to see a return to responsible ‘local’ manufacturing and fair pricing that rewards the design/makers, encourages innovation and ideas and in turn supports the northern economy.

We work with both established and emerging designers such as: Deadgood, DesignedMade, Anthony Hartley, Ilsa Parry (REthinkthings), Polly Westergaard, David Irwin, John Green, Superfauna, Daniel Schofield, Jill Shaddock, RASKL, Swifty Scooters, Jim Leach, Bettina Nissen, Turner & Harper, and Ellen Thomas.