Wentworth Pewter

Wentworth Pewter was founded in 1949, by Arthur Richard Wentworth, a skilled pewter craftsman from Sheffield’s pewter heritage. He initially made his own pieces at home and sold them out of a suitcase, rapidly achieving success with quality products at affordable prices.

The Wentworth name and his memory live on in the present company, which is still committed to producing products to the highest quality at prices which represent excellent value for money. We are constantly introducing new designs to ensure that the skills of the craftsmen and the beauty of the material are universally enjoyed.

The ‘Gleam’ collection is a collaboration between Sheffield based pewter manufacturer A.R. Wentworth and designer Miranda Watkins. The result is a collection of bold contemporary designs featuring clean lines and gentle swooping curves, in a high shine pewter finish. The sheer simplicity of these designs achieves a modern, yet classic feel, while effortlessly conveying the beauty of pewter.