The Designers Republic™

Born before England won the World Cup in Croydon, London’s erstwhile orbital city of the future, Ian studied Philosophy at The University of Sheffield (1979 — 1982). As a designer he is self-taught. He declared The Designers Republic on Bastille Day 1986 in Sheffield (which he dubbed SoYo™ North of Nowhere™).

TDR’s work is credited with defining the visual language of dance music, electronica and the Playstation gaming generation, post-flagship title WipEout. Ian has worked with architects such as Sadar + Vuga, built environment developers Urban Splash and RREEF, fashion designers such as Issey Miyake and currently Rick Owens, and has developed global branding campaigns, identities and Special Projects for the likes of Coca-Cola, Sony (including Aibo), Nokia, Telia, MTV and Nike. In 1994 Rudy Vanderlans dedicated an entire issue of Emigre Magazine to TDR.

In 1996 TDR had their first NYC show at Artists Space. In 2001, their book 3D>2D was the biggest selling UK architecture book. In 2006 Ian was co-curator of Echo City, The British Pavilion at the 10th Venice Biennale for Architecture.

In 25 years Ian has lectured to over 70,000 people around the world, had over 25 ‘solo’ TDR exhibitions, launched The People’s Bureau For Consumer Information and The Pho-ku Corporation, had a good time but still not managed to finish the TDR book.

Anderson currently continues to run The Designers Republic, and is also Creative Director (comms) for EXD (The Lisbon Biennale) and Sheffield Design Week, a patron of Site Gallery, a member of AGI, a writer of columns, an educator (running Design Thinking courses at Universities in Manchester and Sheffield), an exhibited artist and, when the moon is full, he DJs as Pho-Ku Polluted Rockers.