Cari + Carl

Cari Morton’s work explores systems, order and repetition and the application and manipulation of such methods to create curious design outcomes.
Fascinated by structures and construction methods, she exploits the properties of traditional craft techniques to create unusual constructed textiles.
Her designs playfully incorporate knotting, braiding and weaving to create unusual hybrid textiles, which possess soft architectural quality.
These complex fabrics are developed into scarves and shawls which are exhibited and sold under the label Cari + Carl.

The Cari + Carl collection of luxurious scarves and shawls features braids and knots meandering through the knitted fabric. Knitted strips move under and over each other, knotting and twisting together, creating linear, skeletal patterns within the fabric. Solid areas of knit are punctuated by voids, creating fabrics that are evocative of nets and lace. The beautiful fabric designs, tactile natural materials and simple shapes of the scarves create classic, timeless accessories.