Benjamin Partridge (The Owlery)

The Owlery is the business name for printmaker and textile artist Benjamin Partridge. He produces bold and individual home and giftware products using original lino cut and screen print surface designs featuring British woodland and coastal motifs. His surface pattern designs are developed from simple single lino cut and screen print images into complex and interesting surface patterns.

Linocuts and screen prints are very different media and working with both media enables a broad style. Linocuts were Benjamin’s primary print method throughout the first few years and its typically rustic and bold appearance became very appealing. Developing The Owlery’s brand then took on a new form and a new passion in screen printing. Screen Printing enables a greater level of detail and opportunity to play with colour in a way that has become typical of Benjamin’s bold style.

Benjamin is inspired by a love of nature but also issues related to the conservation and protection of British Woodland Animals which inspires many designs, from the decline in numbers of the Honey Bee to the issues related to Badger culling in the UK.

Benjamin designs and creates textile, paper, ceramic and wooden products that are functional and visually appealing with just a hint of whimsy. He believe in the accessibility of art, aiming to fill each home with a burst of colour and modern, quality contemporary design.

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