David Oxley

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David Oxley runs a design and manufacturing company Inertia Projects based in the Newcastle. Their aim is to make small numbers of high quality modern lighting, specialising in LED desk lamps. Everything they do is designed and assembled in their workshop in Newcastle.

Their first project, the Harvey LED desk lamp, was launched on kickstarter in 2012. Thanks to the generosity of 155 backers, we are able to offer the market an innovative new lamp with magnetic joints.

The future is looking good with more new products on the horizon, the first of which is our reinterpretation of the classic bankers lamp.
We caught up with David to find out more about his processes and inspirations.

Featured Designer/Maker Interview


Harvey LED Desk Lamp



Harvey structure and support

Who or what inspired you to become a designer/maker?
The impetus to become designer is my need to make things. I love my work and find that ideas come thick and fast in response to everyday problems. It is sometimes about finding something so normal and accepted, but a fresh perspective might make a new idea ‘pop’.

How would you describe your work and process?
When I have an idea, I start off scribbling or sketching on my notebook. Until I reach something that looks and feels good, I move on to 3D modelling and prototyping. This process should hopefully lead to a final design but usually takes many iterations.

My work aims to be simple and honest. By this I mean, I want the nature and characteristics of the materials used to be evident in the end-product. The end result should be longevity and high quality.


New product, Bank LED Desk Lamp

Inertia Projects Kickstarter film

Where are you based? Please describe your studio.
I’ve just recently moved into a new studio in an old cotton mill. The studio is set out into very specific areas of work. I have a sketching and modelling area, a desk with a computer and 3D modelling software installed. There is a workshop and stock room for final products, as well as a space set-up with studio lighting for photography. In a sense, a space that reflects the varied process of designing and building our products.

What piece of work are you most pleased or proud of, and why?
I’m pleased with the way the Harvey lamp has turned out — it took over two years to get it to where it is now. I think it epitomises the values of the company that we’re striving for, because of its understated design and simplicity.slideshow_3

Harvey Junior

What is the most satisfying part of the work you do?
For me, it is seeing products come to life.

What would be your dream project?
Lighting an entire office/living building complex.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working with Philips on a new organic LED (OLED) lighting project, it’s very exciting and promises to be something different.


Leather on/off detailing from Harvey LED Lamps

When you’re not working what do you like to do?
I enjoy cycling and trying to get on the bike as much as possible.

What does the north of England mean to you?

David’s work is featured in the MADE FRESH exhibition, you can also find more www.inertiaprojects.com